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9 Common Quality LED Street Lights Problems and Solutions

LED street lights play a vital role in modern urban landscapes, ensuring well-lit and safe streets. However, technical problems can arise. This blog, with input from Infralumin experts, addresses common LED street light challenges and offers solutions.

LED street lights are pivotal in shaping modern urban landscapes, ensuring our streets remain brightly lit and safe during nighttime. However, like all technology, they can occasionally face issues. It's frustrating when something malfunctions, especially if you're unsure how to address it. Often, resolving these issues requires technical expertise. Fortunately, today, we have an expert from Infralumin here to shed light on common challenges with LED street lighting and offer solutions to overcome them.


1. The Problem of LED Driver Failure

The LED driver is a critical component of LED street lights, responsible for powering the LEDs. A faulty LED driver can lead to complete lamp failure, flickering, or partial LED malfunction. Opting for street lights equipped with reputable LED driver brands like infralumin ensures stable and reliable performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.


LED Street Light


l  The LED Driver: A Nexus of Power and Control

At the heart of every LED street light, the LED driver orchestrates the marriage of electrical power and light generation. This electronic wizardry ensures that the LEDs receive the precise amount of power they require, facilitating their luminous brilliance. Yet, as with any technological masterpiece, the LED driver is not immune to glitches, malfunctions, and the inevitable passage of time.


l  The Unsettling Domino Effect

When an LED driver falters, it triggers a disconcerting chain reaction that resonates throughout the luminaire. The implications can range from the severe—complete lamp failure—to the subtle yet vexing—flickering LEDs that emanate erratic light patterns. The most subtle manifestation, often a partial LED malfunction, can irk pedestrians and blemish the cityscape's aesthetics.


l  Navigating the Solution: A Symphony of Quality

In this dynamic landscape, the choice of LED driver emerges as a decisive factor. Investing in street lights adorned with reputable LED driver brands, such as the revered infralumin, becomes a beacon of assurance. The reliability and stability embedded within these renowned drivers are a testament to their enduring performance.



2. The Problem of Poor LED Chips


LED Chip

High-quality LED chips are essential for efficient and durable street lights. LED chips with gold wires are preferred due to their superior electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Lower-grade LED chips with alternative wires are prone to failures and disconnections over time, affecting the overall performance and lifespan of the light source.


For example, Infralumin uses high-quality LED chips, including Lumileds, Cree, Epistar, and other leading brands such as SMD2835, SMD3030, and SMD5050. These chips offer high light efficiency, low power consumption, and a wide luminous angle.


3. The Problem of SPD Function


Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) safeguard electronic devices, including LED street lights, from damage caused by sudden surges in current or voltage due to external interference. While LED drivers may have built-in SPDs, it is advisable to install additional SPDs to protect against strong lightning or unstable power grids.


4. The Problem of Lower IP/IK


The IP (Ingress Protection) and IK (Impact Protection) ratings are crucial for outdoor LED street lights. Lower IP ratings can result in water seepage into the electrical components, causing damage and potential electric shock hazards. Similarly, lower IK ratings make the lamps susceptible to damage upon impact, posing safety risks to pedestrians and passersby.


5. The Problem of Unreasonable Heat Dissipation

Effective heat dissipation is essential for LED chips and LED drivers to function optimally. Poor heat dissipation can lead to premature LED failure or cause the lamps to cease working altogether. Manufacturers should pay attention to designing efficient heat dissipation systems to maximize the lifespan of the LED street lights.


6. The Problem of Poor Powder Coating


High-quality powder coatings protect outdoor street lights from corrosion, abrasion, and chemical damage, enhancing their performance and longevity. Buyers should look for street lights with salt spray test reports to ensure their durability and resistance to environmental factors.


The die-cast aluminum body of Infralumin’s AGL12 garden lights is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. They protect these garden lights further by utilizing anti-corrosion powder painting.


7. The Problem of Lighting Distribution


Light distribution

The design of optics lenses determines the lighting distribution of LED street lights. Opting for street lights with appropriate light distribution can save energy and provide uniform roadway illumination, avoiding issues like excessive brightness, glare, or dark spots.


Infralumin’s ASL22 allows for flexible adjustments in beam angles to suit different road types and lighting requirements. By adopting various light distribution types, it ensures optimal light distribution, minimizing light pollution and maximizing visibility. Whether it's a narrow road or a wide boulevard, ASL22 adapts to the unique characteristics of each street, providing precise and efficient lighting.


8. The Problem of Low Efficiency


LED street light efficiency depends on the efficacy of LED chips, driver efficiency, and optical components. Manufacturers should be transparent about the true lumen efficiency of their products, avoiding exaggerated claims that may lead to underperforming lighting solutions.


9. The Problem of Packaging

Proper packaging ensures the safe transportation of LED street lights. It is essential to choose street lights with robust packaging to avoid damage during shipping. Additionally, well-designed labeling facilitates easy identification and smooth customs clearance.




LED Street Light

Selecting high-quality LED street lights is vital to ensure safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in road construction and urban development. By addressing and avoiding the common quality problems discussed above, cities and municipalities can make informed decisions and create a well-lit and secure environment for their residents and visitors. Choosing reliable suppliers and manufacturers like infralumin can guarantee successful street lighting projects and ultimately contribute to the overall enhancement of urban infrastructure.


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