LED Street Light Manufacturer & Supplier

As a powerful LED street light manufacturer, we are able to meet your different LED requirements. Whether you seek OEM solutions tailored to your specific needs in either small bunch or bulk orders, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver exceptional LED streetlights that surpass industry standards. 


We have successfully served over 30 countries such as Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, and so on. We are confident to serve you with our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customization. Infralumin will be your trusted street light housing manufacturer in illuminating projects of all sizes. 

LED Flood Light

Why Choose INFRA LED Street Light Manufacturer?

Infralumin has a mighty LED street light manufacturing power in China. We have the first-class LED street light manufacturing machines, and unparalleled production capacity, quality assurance, customization, and sustainability to create LED street lights that stand out in terms of performance and reliability. 

LED Flood Light

Mighty Power of Top LED Street Light Manufacturer

Our unrivaled production capacity makes Infralumin one of the Top Led Streeet Light Manufacturers in China.  We have 50 producing lines, and advanced Die casting machines, ensuring a streamlined production process, and different OEM orders. This means that whether you need a small bunch of  LED street lights or a bulk order, we have the power to fulfill your requirements efficiently and without compromising on quality.