Street Light Factory for Led Street Lighting Project

Infralumin Street Light Factory for Led Street Lighting Project

Infralumin is a professional LED Street Light Company to provides our customers with quality LED street light in large-scale projects. Our expertise in the realm of energy-efficient illumination is unparalleled, making us the ideal choice for discerning clients seeking substantial quantity orders of project LED street lights.


With over 10 years of experience, our LED street light factory has served over 30 countries such as Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, and so on. We are ready to provide you with customized, state-of-the-art LED street lights to illuminate the way forward. 

Trust us for your large-scale project lighting needs, and experience the brilliance of Infralumin's dedication to quality and sustainability.  We are looking forward to your quotation.

LED Flood Light

LED Street Light Factory for Project

Infralumin's LED street light factory for projects can serve you the best LED lighting solutions. We are trusted by companies in over 30 countries with diversing LED street light projects. This global reach is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. 
At Infralumin LED street light factory, we take pride in our professional design and manufacturing teams, which comprise over 200 dedicated staff members. 

Their expertise and collaborative efforts enable us to deliver superior, carry out LED street light solutions exceed the expectations of our clients. With a wealth of experience, Infralumin is your trusted partner for top-tier LED street lighting solutions designed for projects of all scales.