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Why choose us from intelligent street lights?

Infralumin intelligent street lights focus on landscape smart street lights in scenic spots, parks, parks, communities, units, schools, commercial streets, cultural tourism towns and other places.

Why choose us from intelligent street lights?

Infralumin intelligent street lights focus on landscape smart street lights in scenic spots, parks, parks, communities, units, schools, commercial streets, cultural tourism towns and other places. M-alite is a high-tech company integrating product manufacturing, door-to-door design solutions for customers, software and hardware integration, door-to-door installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. M-Alite Smart Street Light-Expert of Landscape intelligent street lights. Smart light pole overall solution provider, smart street light professional supporting service provider. Manufacturers, smart street lights, smart poles, smart cities, smart scenic spots, smart parks, smart campuses, smart parks.

Improve the quality of life with the led light street development of the city. Protect the environment through more sustainable operations. Attract the best talents. Differentiate your brand in a crowded market. Provide a seamless experience for a new generation of hyper-connected customers. And do it faster and better than your competitors.
Independent intellectual property rights of the core technology department:
       ◆Zhongshan Lumin Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan Glass High Building. The core technology related to led light street is independently researched and developed and has complete intellectual property rights.

Free use of independent intelligent software platform:
      ◆The branch of the Smart Street Light Software Platform Department is independently researched and developed in accordance with national standards. The company has full ownership. Not only for customers to use it for free, but also for regular upgrades and maintenance to ensure data security and system stability.

Independent manufacturing of light poles and some hardware:
      ◆The pole parts are produced by Denggou Lao Chen, who has 20 years of experience in outdoor landscape lamp manufacturing. Some of the core components of the hardware such as the display screen are purchased from major brand manufacturers. Assembled and debugged by our company, further reducing the cost of supporting products.

The whole project plan is more cost-effective:
       ◆Infralumin, as the led light street of a new generation of urban information infrastructure, is expected to achieve breakthrough growth in the next two to three years. One of the business philosophy of Smart Street Light: market share first, profit second. The profit problem is solved by the company's scale expansion.

What is the advantages of smart street lights?

●Monitoring: real-time, no dead-angle scene detection-protect property safety 
Image, electronic information collection, support for the management and operation of smart phone of urban traffic and public safety services

●Charging: real-time, large-area on the spot ------ to meet the needs of charging anywhere
Effectively solve the charging problem that new energy vehicle owners are most concerned about, making travel more secure and convenient

●Broadcasting: interconnection, intelligent information collection-------to prevent personnel from being lost
led light street Integrated information collection, point-like physical distribution, high efficiency, wide area realization of information transmission

●Hot spot: high speed, all-round unobstructed enjoyment------meeting the demand of traffic Public wireless network area coverage, users can access the network in the area

Alarm: Intelligent, full-time central control-------protect personal safety
intelligent street lights Intelligent information acquisition, the entire network is interconnected, and the alarm points and local actual conditions can be obtained in time, effectively ensuring social security
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